Evaluating The Credit Capacity of Your Agribusiness

In accessing credit to support the operations of your agribusiness, you need to understand how to use the 3 Rs of credit to your advantage. Credit refers to the contract involving a borrower who receives something valuable and promises to repay at an agreed future time/date to a lender, usually...

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What you need to know about Fonio

Fonio is a cereal largely cultivated in West Africa. Classified under the Digitaria genus, fonio is the term for small grain millets which has the smallest seeds under the millet species. There are two categories of Fonio; the white Fonio (Digitaria exilis) and the black Fonio ( Digitaria iburua). Fonio...

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The Customer, Your Business

The ‘Customer’ (or ‘consumer’) or Market is normally used interchangeably nowadays that very few people still understand their differences. The customer is a person or an entity which is able and willing to pay you for your product or service. The notion that the Customer is always right, will always...

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