The structure and functions of the AGRI-WEB was formed by 6 determined members and was fully registered as a non-profit organization in January, 2019. The community commits to agricultural initiatives aimed at maximizing the impact, scale and sustainability of modern farming systems and agribusinesses.


By combining effective agricultural solutions with a rich network of agricultural professionals, We envision: Every farmer having access to critical resources to scale up their production despite operating in a country with unprofitable funding opportunities. Building a generation of locally led young people who attain financial freedom through agribusiness Providing training to equip people with the requisite skills to be efficiently utilise resources in a sustainable manner. Driving investment into highly profitable agricultural ventures.


We develop market intelligence for farmers and food processing companies

We facilitate the training of individuals and groups in varying production and post production activities

We help students gain relevant field experience to build their capacity in being industry ready.

We promote networking among various actors within the agricultural value chain

We assist in developing some selected agricultural produce for our members


We assess all problems and initiatives by discussing, questioning and most importantly listening to our stakeholders to deliver value for all who need our support within the food production sector.
All our processes are designed with the focus on creating a demonstrable impact within the food value chains in which we invest our resources.
The ‘people’ factor within food production is the necessary advantage we depend on in creating avenues for wealth creation through agriculture.